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August 2015 Di Thomas took to the streets of Paris with a vision, her camera and Paris's own Androgynous models. We were lucky that during this ground breaking moment Di Thomas decided to take the Too Dope To Bully Campaign along with her. It's rare to see black androgynous models in Paris and Di Thomas was determined to change that.


On October 3, 2015, Touched Apparel hosted an Open Photo shoot in Atlanta, Georgia. Participants who purchased a Too Dope To Bully t-shirt were invited to have their photos taken. During the shoot, participants shared why they believed they were Too Dope To Bully, and @dthomaspictures played a pivotal role in making the event a success. Special thanks to D. Thomas (Instagram: @dthomaspictures) for being an integral part of this campaign!

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In 2016, Touched Apparel expanded its efforts to Los Angeles, California, where it partnered with the media company Visual Monsters for another photo shoot. The focus remained on highlighting individuals who embody the spirit of being Too Dope To Bully. Additionally, the campaign spotlighted anti-bullying activist Tensie Taylor, author of "Bullied from Terror to Triumph," sharing her powerful survival story.


Since its inception in 2014 with DJ Ace, our annual Back To School drive continues to thrive. Teaming up with local barbers who generously offer free haircuts, along with support from community leaders and food vendors, we strive to equip students for success. Each year, we distribute backpacks, sneakers, and school supplies to ensure children start the academic year on the right foot.


 In 2015, our collaboration extended to the Adidas Store in Lenox Mall, Atlanta, where barbers provided cuts in the store window while Adidas contributed an Adidas Backpack for every $100 purchase. This event attracted local nonprofits like "Camps Giving," led by Shauna MamaCamp, and Atlanta's renowned DJ Gregg Street, fostering a sense of community and support for education.

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In 2015 we kicked off our “Beautiful She Campaign”


“The Beautiful She Campaign" by Touched Apparel is aimed at girls aged 6 to 12. Its mission is to help young girls recognize their inner beauty and strengths by providing mentorship from women who have grown personally and wish to inspire them. 


The campaign encourages girls to acknowledge their strengths and those of their peers, fostering self-respect, resilience, and a desire to make positive changes in their communities. Touched Apparel believes in the limitless potential of touching lives through campaigns like "Beautiful She."

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Our Annual Toy Drive, a steadfast initiative that persists to this day, remains a beacon of holiday giving. In partnership with Verizon and Traxx Girls, we are committed to uplifting families during the festive season. Through generous donations and collaborative efforts, we strive to bring joy and warmth to households in need.


 Together, we work tirelessly to ensure that children receive gifts and experience the magic of the holidays, embodying the spirit of compassion and community support.

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In 2018, Touched Apparel proudly assumed the role of sponsors for the Peachtree Ridge Youth Athletic Association in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Through this partnership, we aimed to instill in the youth the empowering message that it's acceptable to embrace being Too Dope To Bully. 


Our dedicated team member, Cori Ellerby, whose coaching and mentorship in youth football span over a decade, played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life. Together, we demonstrated our commitment to fostering resilience, self-confidence, and a culture of inclusivity among young athletes.

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Touched Apparel forged a meaningful partnership with Certified Hoops Training Center, led by WNBA Referee Talisa Green. Specializing in teaching fundamental basketball skills to athletes of all ages, Certified Hoops provided an invaluable platform for youth development. 


In 2019, we collaborated to create a safe and festive environment for families to celebrate Halloween while also learning about Certified Hoops programs and Touched Apparel's flagship campaign, Too Dope To Bully. The event featured engaging activities, games, music by DJ Benz Mcrae, and special guest appearances, fostering a sense of community and promoting the values of inclusivity and empowerment.

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Casey Ellerby, also recognized as Jersey Moulin, the founder of Touched Apparel, has been a prominent voice against bullying and a staunch advocate for entrepreneurship for more than two decades. Her commitment extends beyond words, as she actively participates in panels addressing the significance of standing up against bullying and fostering entrepreneurship. 


Furthermore, Casey has collaborated with organizations such as My Vote Is Hip Hop and Breaking The Chains Atl, led by activist and community leader Shar Bates. Through this partnership, she has contributed to various initiatives including game nights to raise funds for underprivileged families, voter registration drives, clothing donations, and community activations like The Garden of HipHop, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in communities.

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In 2019 Touched Apparel seized the opportunity to mentor children at the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA on the topic of bullying. Witnessing the compassion these children displayed for both victims and bullies was truly remarkable. 


Their newfound sense of accountability in their behavior and responses to bullying was transformative. Through this experience, everyone gained a deeper understanding of how to combat bullying, the importance of speaking up, and the value of embodying the spirit of being Too Dope To Bully every day.


 This impactful community activation was made possible by the efforts of Shar Bates from Breaking The Chains Atl.

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In 2019, Touched Apparel forged a partnership with ENCORE Salon Suites, owned by Patrice McKinney, utilizing their Atlanta locations as donation sites and hubs to promote the Virtual Backpack drive. This initiative encouraged the community to purchase Too Dope To Bully backpacks for donation. 


Through the collaboration with ENCORE Salon Suites, we successfully met our donation goals, demonstrating the effectiveness and impact of this partnership. We extend our sincere gratitude to ENCORE Salon Suites for their invaluable support.

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2021 Back to School Drive

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Over the past decade, Touched Apparel has maintained a steadfast partnership and volunteer collaboration with Sowing Supreme Seedz, a nonprofit organization led by philanthropist, business owner, and rapper BG Supreme. 


Together, we have dedicated ourselves to serving the community by feeding the homeless, distributing blankets and hygiene products, and providing clothing and haircuts to those in need. This enduring partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to making a positive impact and uplifting those facing hardships in our communities.

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