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Our Team

Touched Apparel's team embodies a family-driven ethos, led by founder Casey Ellerby, whose vision is enriched by the expertise of her brother, Cori Ellerby, an IT specialist and community leader, and her daughter, Da'Naja Ellerby, serving as the Assistant Director.

Casey Ellerby's founding principles are rooted in family and community, driving Touched Apparel's campaigns toward inclusion, empowerment, and healing. With Cori Ellerby's technical proficiency and Da'Naja Ellerby's leadership, the team seamlessly integrates their commitment to family values into impactful initiatives that touch lives and foster positive change.

Through their collective dedication, Touched Apparel is committed to societal transformation and making a tangible difference in underfunded communities through innovative giving back.

Meet our members below.

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