Too Dope To Bully

Touched Apparel

Too Dope To Bully


A comprehensive anti-bullying campaign designed to strengthen self-esteem and promote leadership among young people ages 10-17. We believe that bullying happens due to insecurities, and low self-esteem within an individual, which can come from mental, physical and verbal abuse. 

  • How do we address the root of the problem? 
We show how bullying is not a strength but a weakness by supporting, uplifting, and encouraging, everyone that takes the Too Dope To Bully pledge. 

Ask yourself, who doesn't want to be cool, popular, or a part of the in crowd? Using fashion, music and culture, we encourage positive behavior and thinking. We show how accepting and loving yourself is cool. 

Touched Apparel teaches and exemplifies how to be a positive influence in every area of your life. 

We want our program participants and pledgers to know that they are “Too Dope to Bully.”