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Pride Too Dope To Bully T-Shirt

Pride Too Dope To Bully T-Shirt

Touched Apparel stands with the LGBTQ Community. Join us by taking the pledge t be Too Dope To Bully.

Thank you for taking the pledge to be To Dope To Bully!

According to recent gay bullying statistics, gay and lesbian teens are two to three times as more likely to commit teen suicide than other youths. About 30 percent of all completed suicides have been related to sexual identity crisis. Students who also fall into the gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgendered identity groups report being five times as more likely to miss school because they feel unsafe after being bullied due to their sexual orientation. About 28 percent out of those groups feel forced to drop out of school altogether. Although more and more schools are working to crack down on problems with bullying, teens are still continuing to bully each other due to sexual orientation and other factors.-- ( )

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