Touched Apparel



                                           “Touch or Be Touched”

Touched Apparel is an Atlanta-based clothing company with a conscious mission. Our motto is, “Touch or be touched in a way that makes you Untouchable.” 

Our goal is to promote positivity and growth in every life we touch. To do so, Touched Apparel acquires service partnerships with community and non-profit organizations for the purpose of bringing awareness and resources to underfunded programs. More specifically, for every t-shirt campaign that we launch, we select and then donate the proceeds of said campaign to a nonprofit, group home, school, organization or family in need.

.We believe our individuality validates our essence, which encourages others to touch the life of someone around them. As we build our brand and create empowering relationships, we hope to motivate people of all ages to reach for their dreams and believe in the power of manifestation. So, think higher, be better and believe that there are NO LIMITS to the lives that can be touched.